5 Recommended blogging website (for newbie)

Before we talk about 5 recommended website/channel about blogging, I would like to tell you a bit of background on how I decide to create a blog.

In my other post about Purpose and passion searching conundrums, I have mentioned that it took me a long time, stacks of books, and a bunch of articles to find out about my passion.  Until I stumbled upon one Youtube Video that changed the way I approached this finding my passion thing.

Growing up, I always thought that I am in the only one in my family who was born without the artistic trait.  My sister is a good painter, and my brother is very musical.  I would hate myself because I couldn’t draw as good as my best friend at school or know that all of my cousins from my father’s side are all musicians.  While me, apart from being a wallflower, I thought I was born without an actual talent.

One day I started to write a Diary like any other teenager, but I was too impatient to write down about my “not so interested” day and had no other thing to write either.  So I just doodled and Scribbled some words.  One word leads to another and then out of nowhere there were hundreds of words jumbled up in the back of my brain like a puzzle waiting to be solved…  so I tried my best to write it all.  After some verses, I found that it was a decorated description of my feelings, of my observation on things, and of my own thoughts…  and that was the first day I wrote a poem.

During my teenage life, I wrote lots of freestyle poems.  and when I looked back at it, I kinda feel proud about myself..  as a teenager I was a deep and thoughtful person.  Many people said I am an old soul, and it is reflected in my poems…  Some of my writings are too deep for a teenage mind…I would write at least one poem a day, but as I grew up those words were too loud and crowded in my head, and the puzzle is getting more and more impossible to solve… so, I wrote less and less.

Soon I was caught up in “growing up” cycle… school, boyfriends, heartaches, love, college, grades, friendship, graduating, find a job, get a job, working, you name it.  Writing poems became a thing that I put away in a box on the furthest part of my mind’s storage, locked and forgotten.  But the love I have for words are always there, unconsciously I would search for short poems, quotes, or anything related to the art of words in social media.

During those times where I was wondering about the thing I enjoy doing or good at, in order to find my passion.  I was thinking maybe I should write again.  After all, my mind is so full of chatters, so why not try to put it down into attractive and hopefully inspiring articles.  I decided to start writing down ideas and stories that I wanted to write and that might help other people, and a blog will be my media.

Turns out, there are so many things to learn about blogging, how to write a good content, how to connect with your reader, and if you are interested in turning your hobby into a business there are thousands of sources of information you can learn from.  I am still a newbie in the blogging world, but I love it and enjoying every second of it and if I am committed to learn and practice regularly, maybe one day I can really call blogging as my passion.

It took me almost 2 months (yup) since I started to write my first “post-to-be” until I finally published it.  I am not sure about how other bloggers started their blog, but I waited until I have 10 “ready to post articles” and only when I finally ready to plunge on the technical parts, then I created this blog.

I had a lot of help in building my blog from various websites about blogging, but there are 5 blogging websites that have helped me to create my own.  If you are interested in making your own blog or need some advice on growing your websites,  below are 5 websites/youtube channel who I am so grateful for:

Her 100% FREE (yes, it’s totally free I couldn’t believe it myself) 10 Day Blogging Quick-Start course is the best guidelines I had in creating my blog. It will walk you through the basics of getting your site up and running and teach you the essential things you need to know to get started, plus she also created videos and tutorials that get into a technicality of creating a blog that you definitely will need and want to know.  Without her guideline, it will be easy to be overwhelmed by all of the information you found out there, and by following her guideline you can stay focus on the “must do”.  Her blog itself is full of fun, creativity, interesting ideas, many handy and useful information about blogging, and Home decoration/organizing.

Her Articles about blogging knowledge and the ultimate free resource library is a powerful resource and tools in starting your own blog.  If you want to grow your hobby into a thriving business, this is the blog you want to follow.  She wrote a lot of helpful post about affiliate marketing, how to grow your email subscriber, and she launched an e-book on boosting your blog traffic as well (you should check it out).  The best thing about her, that really touches my heart is that she takes time to personally reply to your email about some of the questions you had and giving out tips based on her personal experience in growing her blog.

Alex and his girlfriend created a blog called and became a huge success.  However, they didn’t create a successful blog just like that at one try, they’ve made trials and errors.  They wanted to share those experiences and help other people to build their own successful blog by creating Createandgo blog.  They have a youtube channel with the same name, and I’ve learned a great deal from them.  From Choosing your niche, Hosting your website, until publishing your first post.  For those of you who are like me a huge fan of freebies, They created a free 7 days start a blog eCourse which is AMAZING!.

If you are like me, using WordPress platform for your blog then this is the best guide for you to familiarize WordPress.  WPbeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site for a beginner.  To be honest, blogging is a lot of work,  and it’s a completely new knowledge for me, without I would be completely lost.  I started from zero knowledge, didn’t even know about plugins, widgets, even SEO (Search Engine Optimization),  By following their user-friendly step by step guidelines, I was able to make my blog up and running.  They also have a youtube channel for tutorials which will make it easier when you have to learn about the “how to” of WordPress.

Wow, she is the best of the best out there.  Her blog is easy to navigate and highly informative.  Her FREE How to attract 1000 subscribers in 30 days is great!  Currently, I am in the stage where I am building my site and contents so it is a good knowledge that I will put down into action once my site is ready.

There are hundreds if not thousands website/youtube channel about blogging and probably some are better than others, but this 5 website is my personal favorite list and I think it is probably more than enough information for you to start your own blog.

Let me know if this post helps you to find a mentors or guideline to build your own blog.  Or maybe it reminds you about a forgotten hobby or interest, or even if it wasn’t, tell me anything about yourself as a teenager or write about anything on how this article reminds you of your childhood.  Tell me all about it,  I would love to read it.

Thank you for reading, God Bless us.

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