Taking Big Leaps and Facing a Life Changing Situation

On my other post “Expat Wife or a Trailing Spouse” I wrote about how I ended up here in Singapore.  2017 is the year of taking a lot of big leaps for me.  Starting from quitting my steady and reliable job, Moving to a new country, and Getting Married after 4 years in a relationship.

Those were three big leaps of faith that I had to do within a short period of time, and it came with all the fears, doubts, heartache, tears, and stressful time.  My head was full of doubts and scenarios where it could go wrong and there were times when I suddenly couldn’t think clearly, times where my heart beats faster, cold sweat on my palms, and went into a panic mode for no reason at all.  I seriously thought I had a heart condition, which luckily was unjustified by a doctor who said it was the stress taking its toll on me.

stressful picture

But we Human, are blessed with intuition or you can call it gut instinct that guides you through it all.  I just knew in my heart that everything will be alright, that I will be Ok, and if something does go wrong I knew that I will find a way.  Looking back at it, these are the things I did in order to stay positive, brave, and strong on going through the changes (or basically on facing almost anything in my life) :

  • Make clear plans, to do list and schedules!

Whether you are planning a wedding or moving to another country or any other things that required you to do a lot of thing in a short period of time, making clear plans and schedules is a must!  Sometimes, you can’t afford to forget about some things, like making sure you have all the document you need to report your taxes before you leave your home country, or unsubscribe any monthly subscriptions that you no longer need once you move out, closing bank accounts, canceling credit cards, etc.

To Do List picture

For us the busy bees, there are many applications that you can download on your mobile phone/tablet to do planning and scheduling, although nothing beats the good-old time planner, it is also a hassle to carry it around everywhere we go, so why not taking advantage on the smartphone and allows it to be smart! 😊

  • Prioritize!

After making a clear plan and schedules, you need to prioritize it.  You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the endless tasks, so you need to know which things needed your immediate attention and which can be done later on.

  • Take time to relax and breath

You can always find time to stop and breath, to relax and enjoy something you would like to do.  Put it in your schedule, prioritize it as well.  Because your mental health is much more important than all those tasks that need to be done.  Do something that you like, for me, it was either watching movies or TV series, Meditate, Yoga, painting watercolor, window shopping, or even sleep!  Anything that keeps you sane.

girl with a coffee and a book

  • Lots and lots of pray

I am not a religious person, but I’d like to think that I am a spiritual one.  So praying is something I do every day, and in every moment where I need to release some of my bottled up worries and doubts that I have about life.  I believe God and the universe always working on something that is best for us.

  • Communicate

Learn how to communicate your feelings, your thoughts, your worries and to share your burden with someone can have a huge impact on your mental and body health.  It can be your best friend, your partner, or even your dog (although maybe you don’t expect anything but love and understanding from them).  During these times I learned to communicate better with my husband and it improves our communication in general.  It turns out many things I was worried about can be easily solved and he assured and reassured me that we will be alright.  My mother also and always is my source of strength and confidence.  God bless her!

a piece of paper with "about us" written on it

It might be too soon to say that everything is alright, but so far I stand by my statement that I made the right decisions by marrying my husband and move to Singapore to be with him. It probably the best decision I have ever made.

Please let me know about a life-changing decision or moments in your life, what you learned from it, and how you managed to pull through.  I love reading about things that make you who YOU are and I would be honored to know more about all of you.

Thank you for reading this post, and God Bless us