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5 Yoga Channels for Beginners and Couch Potato

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India based on the definition in Wikipedia.  But when we talk about Yoga everyone seems to have their own perception of it, therefore I will not talk about the definition of yoga and definitely not about its history.  For there are some disagreements regarding the origin of Yoga and whether it is based on a certain religion or not.

If you want to read about a very interesting discussion in a forum (actually a comment on a post) about the history of yoga you can read it here.  It is an eye-opening discussion, although at the same time is very confusing.  Especially if you are like me, who just want to know a little bit of its history.

I like one of the commentators who wrote: “I too have researched the history of yoga, although in one lifetime I doubt I would have even touched the surface”.  Which is probably true for something as old as mankind (or some arguably say God) itself.

I am a person who has no interest in sports or any type of exercises.  If it’s not necessary to do a physical activity, I probably would not do it.

To find the physical activity that I like to do is not easy.  Naturally, I went back to dance-based exercises (because I like dancing) and it was “acceptable” but it doesn’t excite nor challenges me.  I have heard about yoga and have been amazed by the pictures of people doing those crazy poses.  But I always thought that it wasn’t for me, I wasn’t flexible enough.  One day I went to a wrong class at my local gym and it turned out to be a yoga class.

That was the first time when I found myself didn’t want to end the exercise.  At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked if there was a first timer in the class and I was glad that I wasn’t the only one.  We started doing “easy” poses, and I was encouraged because some poses that I found easy turned out to be difficult for other people (I know I shouldn’t feel that way).  For sure there were always those people who probably was born without joints in the class.  They seemed to be able to fold every part of their body without feeling anything but pure joy (how come they can smile in the middle of handstand or a split?).  They are my motivation!

That’s how I was introduced to yoga, and how I was intrigued and challenged by it.  For me, there is always a goal to achieve and a room to improve, whether it is a certain pose or the level of flexibility that I want to achieve.

I am a person who doesn’t sweat easily.  You know there are people who sweat only by eating, and there are people who ran for miles and only managed to produce one drop of sweat on their forehead. Yah I am the second one.  So, when I am sweating profusely (in a standard of people who don’t sweat) just by staying in one place, I have to admit that it felt amazing.  The more I do it, the more ambitious I become and (I tell you) I am not naturally an ambitious person.

Some people will say that Yoga is more than just doing poses and I totally agree with it.  I am just trying to say that it is possible for someone who was a couch potato to becoming someone who is ambitious in physical activities.  It was yoga who change me.

Not only I feel healthier physically after I incorporated yoga into my daily activity.  I also feel mentally and spiritually heightened and emotionally, I feel more in balance.  In general, I feel more positive, calmer and happier.

So here are some of the Yoga Channels that I personally love.  People who are my inspiration, who I turn to whenever I am not able to go to the yoga studio.  I recommend these channels because they are easy to follow and their instructions are clear and on pointe.  It is suitable for any level from beginner to advance, plus they make the whole experience fun and relaxing.  So for those of you who are a potato couch, check out these channels.

Bad Yogi by Erin Motz

She is not your traditional yoga teacher, she is a bad yogi!  I love the way she teaches, it is always fun and not intimidating.  Because to be honest, those poses in their Sanskrit names can be very intimidating for beginners.  I Love her 30 days yoga challenge, and that is how I started incorporating yoga into my daily activities.

Yoga with Kassandra

I found her channel when I was ready for a longer class, and I was jumping for joy.  Her classes are typically around 45 – 60 minutes, and she teaches both normal class and Yin Yoga Class.  She has an introduction video for Yin Yoga and how it differentiates from other styles of yoga.  Her class is packed with poses that flow easily but never in a hurried state.

I found her teaching style is the one I like most.  It feels like I can feel her positive energy (I know it sounds strange but its true!).  She uses analogies when explaining the poses so that it is easier for us to understand and follow the instructions.

She has hundreds of free videos and surely you’ll find what you’re looking for.  I also love when her cat is joining the class, so cute!

Five Parks Yoga by Erin Sampson

Her classes are mostly done in beautiful outdoor space in Costa Rica and Colorado.  Her teaching style is very relaxing yet very detail.  She tells you where you should feel something when you do a pose.  I personally love her deep stretch classes, after you finished the class you literally can feel your flexibility is improving.

Road to Bliss

Road to bliss is a yoga channel based on Iyengar Yoga.  I found their classes very helpful in understanding poses.  They tell the philosophy behind a pose and step by step on how to do the pose.  You can tell that the teacher knows their stuff and they break down the pose into tiny little step.  After you watch the right way to do a pose, then you would be more aware of its benefits for your body.

Brett Larkin Yoga

She teaches Vinyasa Flow and meditation for all level of yoga practitioner.  I found her channel when I was trying to do splits.  There are many splits yoga classes, however, her class was the best one for me.  I had a long (awkward) leg and (my lame excuse) whenever I saw people doing splits was it was easier for them because their legs were normal.    So when I saw that she does it with those long legs I should be able to do it as well.  Apart from the split classes, she has lots and lots classes which I am sure you’ll like.

I hope you found those channels useful and can help you grow in your yoga journey.

Thank you and stay positive!

4 thoughts on “5 Yoga Channels for Beginners and Couch Potato

  1. I am a little like you and don’t like to do physical exercise too much, other than walking the dog. I have tried many things over the years but always got bored and gave up. I even tried pole dancing once. I’ve always thought about Yoga but have never tried it. Your post has inspired me to go find a local class.
    Thank you.

    1. Oh I wish I had a dog so I don’t have to do any other exercise 🙂
      Yah, please try Yoga..because it’s not only about exercising our body, it’s also good for our mental and spiritual growth..thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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