About Me

Hello and Hello!!

Thank you very much for visiting my lifestyle blog and read about basically everything related to my journey of self-improvement.  In this blog, you will find posts about relationships, soul-searching journey, some DIY projects that I did, maybe some of the vegan recipes that I tried at home, and many other things that I might not able to put in a certain category.

It was all based on my personal experience or inspired by information from the books I read or websites and other sources of social media.  A bit of explanation here, since I am a newbie in blogging world so those posts mentioned above are probably still in the making, therefore kindly bear with me and don’t make this stops you from connecting or subscribing my newsletter, It would surely brighten up my day.

So, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a girl in my early 30s, an introvert, and I am Living in Singapore as an expat wife (which probably will have its own category in this blog for there are many topics I would like to write about it).  I love every single day of my life here….. I am Indonesian and my husband is Italian, not only we are in a mixed marriage relationship we also have a gap in an age which of course comes with its own perks, so I might have one or two posts about it as well.

Here is some picture of me and my husband.

on our wedding day

My Husband’s name is Federico and I will call him F in this blog for the sake of practicality.  He is Italian and like all Italians they love football and Italian food.  He also loves Running and he ran 26 marathons (and counting) in all over the world, he is vegan (started around the same time we met, so I never get to see his non-vegan life), and he is the reason why I might post some simple vegan recipe that I love.

We met in 2012 on Halloween night in Jakarta, and since then he became my anchor, my home, and my inspiration.  I never told him this, but he made me a better person.  Home for me is wherever he is, and I’ll follow him to a deep sea, dark room, and to the end of the world.

I am an animal lover, but my weakness is always Dogs, I literally squeal whenever I see one.  I can spend hours watching videos of animals, rescue stories, and people with their pets.  I grew up with dogs and have been begging my husband to adopt one (with a little success, but I believe my perseverance and his love for me will probably have resulted in him changing his mind about it) which  I hope it will be soon (fingers crossed).

Look at those eyes 🙂
disclaimer : not my dog haha

My star sign is Pisces and although I am not really a believer of fortune telling according to zodiac I do believe that some of the traits for every sign are somehow correct or at least >70% accurate. So, cheers to the sometimes melodramatic, and to the constant change of mood and decisions…

I truly believe that I have a big big heart (oh my God, this girl is super confident for someone claiming herself as an introvert), I think most of the people with my star sign does, and that’s a part of the reason why we are so sensitive about EVERYTHING.. we are naturally receptive to other people/animals emotions and it affects us strongly.

at least in my case it all true..

To summed it up, I am a girl, a newlywed wife, an animal person, a textbook introvert with a (surprisingly) ability to summon an outgoing “persona” when I am actually out, a huge fan of Mind Control and spiritual growth theories and practices, quotes and poems eater, an enthusiast learner (not saying that I am consistently and continually learning everything that I started though), a student of life and Italian Language, and Hopefully I will be able to say a Mom of beautiful, Healthy, Happy Children and pets soon.

Finally and definitely, like many other people out there, I am constantly searching for my purpose in life.  Some say that the true purpose of life is to serve.  And if it’s true, then I am searching for the kind of service that I can do to actually make a real contribution to the world that will create a ripple of positivity, improvement, love, and compassion to the world (Yeah for this, I aim BIG).

Until I find that, I solemnly swear that I (yes, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter) will try my best to just be a better person than I am today and each day…

and this is my Journey….

this is me – as this page is to create a good first impression on you, please allow me to put my “most decent looking” picture. note that this “ordinary” pic was “the one” out of hundreds of failed attempt.
obviously with the help of beauty plus apps..